We are group of experienced boosters with a lot of knowledge on the topic. We consist of High Elo Players, Ex Pro Players, Streamers, or just very good league players. We will help you achieve your dream division very fast, and with good results.

Yes, definitely! We are legally registered company, we pay our taxes, and we don’t brake the law. You can check legality of our business by looking up our credentials which you can locate at the very bottom right corner of our site.

Yes! Just go to our “Work For Us!” tab, and provide us with informations about you, and your League experience, then submit your request. We will answer you as fast as we can with the decision if you are capable to work with us.

Yes! Boosting is legal worldwide except South Korea. So make sure you are not from South Korea and check our offers 😁

Unfortunately it is a question we can’t really answer. For Example someone orders Boost from Iron IV to Silver IV, obviously we will do this order much faster than the one when someone bought boost from Diamond IV to Master I. But we will do our best to get you at least one or more divisions per day.

Yes! Using VPN and Offline Chat mode is mandatory in our company. VPN will help with safety; our booster will connect to ip located in the region you are playing on, so Riot Games sees that the progress is made from the same region as you always play on. It would be pretty weird if out of the blue you get 15 win streak, and somehow you did it in North America while you are EUNE player. Chat in Offline Mode changes your status to offline; even when our booster is currently in game your friends will still see you as if you were offline all the time, so they won’t even know anything.

If you think that your order takes too long to be completed, then contact us in the “CONTACT” section or just write directly to our Support at: contact@eloboostingcompany.com If it really takes to long then you will be gifted a discount coupon for your next order 😁

Please, contact us in the “CONTACT” section or just write directly to our Support at: contact@eloboostingcompany.com

We can do returns only if none of our boosters started working on your account yet. If you decided that you don’t want our service, then we ask politely to contact us directly in the “CONTACT” section, or using our e-mail address: contact@eloboostingcompany.com 

No! We have a right to cancel the order without possible refund if player plays ranked game while his order is being done.